Frequently Asked Questions

This 2020 Holiday Season, your family can choose from two options – a contactless in person Santa experience or a virtual experience via Zoom! This year, all visits with Santa, in person and virtual, will be by reservation only.

Q: What exactly is a contactless in person experience?
A: Children will have no physical contact with Santa. Santa will still be in the photos and will still be able to chat with the children and hear their wishes, but there will be no physical contact. This includes sitting on Santa’s lap, hugging Santa, etc. Parents, we ask that you please have this discussion with your children prior to arrival so that everyone knows exactly what to expect.

Q: Is my family required to wear a mask?
A: Yes, we ask that everyone over the age of 2 wear a mask before and after photos. You may choose to remove the mask(s) for the photos or keep them on – or do some of each. If you choose to remove the mask(s) for photos, the mask(s) will need to go back on once the photos have been taken.

Q: How will the photos look?
A: This year, Santa’s photographer elves have some great ideas for getting some magical photos – while still keeping everyone safe. The set will have some modifications as far as distance to Santa and at specific locations, Plexiglass will be in between Santa and the children. Other locations will have wrapped presents that are placed 6 feet away from Santa for the children to sit on.

Q: Why are visits with Santa by reservation only?
A:  Reservations are truly the best way to offer a relaxed stress-free experience for all visitors. In addition, reservations will help us keep families socially distanced and our guests and staff safe during the experience.

Q: How does the booking system work?
A:  On our home page,, simply enter your zip-code and select your nearest Santa location. You can then select either a contactless In-person Visit or a Virtual Visit. Available times will be displayed on your screen. Choose the time that works best for your family and follow the instructions to complete the booking process. You will receive an email confirmation as well as a reminder the day before your reservation and then again 15 minutes before.

Q: What do I do when I arrive for my reservation?
A: Check in with the Greeter. We have arranged to have social distanced areas for each family to move through the process.

Q: Can I just show up and wait in line to see Santa?
A: No, all visits with Santa are by reservation only. 

Q: Can I make a reservation at the photo set?
A: All reservations must be made online and in advance. The Greeter on set will be able to direct you to our reservation site, however, this must be done on the visitor’s device.

Q: How does the Virtual Visit work?
A: The Virtual Visit is done via Zoom. You will receive an email with a link and a passcode. At the designated time, you will log on just as you would to a Zoom call. After having a jolly good time with Santa, you will receive a complete recording of the entire visit via email!

Q: What if I need to change my reservation after I book?
A: Simply visit, and enter your email address along with your Reservation Code. Please keep in mind, there will be a $3 fee to change your reservation Date & Time. Reservations may not be changed within 2 hours of your scheduled time. There will be no refunds for booking multiple appointments.

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?
A: There are no refunds or cancellations after you have booked your visit or if you no-show. You will be able to change your reservation while time slots are available as long as you do so at least two hours prior to your reservation.

Q: What if my child gets sick?
A: PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD OR ANY FAMILY MEMBER THAT IS SHOWING SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS OF ANY KIND. If your child or any member of your party is sick on the day of their appointment, you may reschedule your appointment as long as you do so at least two hours prior to your scheduled visit. If you do not reschedule at least two hours before your reservation and you no-show, you will not receive a refund.

Q: When should I arrive for my reservation?
A: We ask that families arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled visit.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation to visit with Santa on Christmas Eve?
A: Yes, all visits with Santa are by reservation only. If your family would like to visit on Christmas Eve, we suggest you book your visit early, as this date has booked up quickly in years past.

Q: Can pets visit Santa?
A: Yes, with a reservation. Well behaved, leashed or crated and people friendly pets are welcome as part of Family Photos or for Pet Photos with Santa. Pet Photos with Santa are every Monday through December 14th.

If you have additional questions that were not addressed above, please feel free to email us at